Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What About Bob?

The weekend our neighborhood pool opened, we suited up the kids, slathered them with sunscreen, packed up the van, and drove ten minutes from the house for a dip in the pool. Upon arriving I immediately noticed the foreboding absence of children in the baby pool. At the gate, the guards had put up a sign indicating the baby pool was closed for the next four hours due to an unfortunate vomiting episode. As Baby Wingnut was not yet fully or even partially potty trained at the time, he would not be allowed in the family pool, leaving us with only one option: pack it up and head home. The children were all wonderful about having to leave, even Baby Wingnut cheerfully complied (they really are great kids). We made it up to them by taking the whole crew to Rita's for Italian Ices.

On the drive, Baby Wingnut began questioning what had happened at the pool. It was very important to him to know who had thrown up in the pool and he would not let the subject drop until I had finally given the kid a name. Trust me, Baby Wingnut was completely satisfied "Baby Bob" was the name of the sick child and he pretty much let the subject drop once he had a name.

This afternoon while we were driving from one activity to the next the subject of "Baby Bob" came up again. Only this time Baby Wingnut filled in all the details. Poor "Baby Bob" is three years old and apparently very cute. He is also Baby Wingnut's best friend AND big brother. We were practically rolling on the floor laughing at his fabrication. This kid has quite an imagination.
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Your Bro said...

Poor Baby Bob...the 3 year old who could not hold down his lunch and ruined the swimming day for the entire community. You should have named him Ralph...way more appropriate for the situation. Bob insinuates that the little tyke was floating motionless in the pool or something like that. BW knows how to build a quality alternate reality. Not only is barfing Baby Bob his best friend but also has replaced Stat Nut as his favorite big brother. I'm sure soon BW will regale you with the amazing adventures the two have experienced and will ask if there is room for the weak stomached comrade to move into your house. The thing I would be most concerned with is if BBB (Barfing Baby Bob) would suddenly want to nursie.

Love Ya Mau!

Seven Days and Counting

Your Bro!

Anonymous said...

6 days actually... learn to count uncle walt!


Anonymous said...

BBB is also his Star Wars character's name!


Your Bro said...

I thought you were flying in on the 24th...sorry...I should never argue with Stat Nut! Nice one Little O is he a Sith or a Jedi?

Your Favorite Uncle W