Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We're all a little under the weather around here, so today's post will be short and sweet.

Baby Wingnut: "Mom, may I have more blueberries, please."

Mom washes a handful of fresh blueberries and places them on Baby Wingnut's plate.

Baby Wingnut: "Why, thank you, my pretty."

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Natalie said...

Where do kids learn those those funny sayings or do they just put them together on their own? So cute!

Maurisa said...

With him, it is definitely something he puts together on his own. He is always telling me I'm pretty and his pet name for me is "My little widgey". I have no idea what he means.

Your Bro said...

He calls you "my little wedgy?" That's cute...BW next time you need to complete the saying "Why, thank you, my pretty...and your little dog toooooo!" Sorry Mau that you are under the weather (not too surprised with all the rain you all have been having). Just to let you know the gang of three are driving me nuts with their anticipation of your crew coming to town. I swear Sawyer is wanting me to print out a minute by minute detailed report on what he and Stat Nut are going to be doing. While you are on weird sayings here's one...Abby was playing soccer, running down the field yelling, "Mexican Froggy". Where did she get that??? HER MOTHER!

Love ya Mau...hope you feel better!

Your Bro

Maurisa said...

Actually, I am feeling fine. It's just everyone else that is sick. That leaves very little to blog about other than everyone sniffling, sneezing, coughing and wheezing.

Let Sawyer know, JP is also counting down the seconds to his emancipation!

"Mexican Froggy"??? Gotta love that!