Tuesday, June 9, 2009

18 Years and Counting

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary. We've really had a wonderful and blessed marriage, especially the last 16 years. Those first two years were a doozy, between the stresses of being newlyweds, Wingnut being in pilot training, and the arrival of our first born . . . I'm sure you know what I mean. I can honestly say the 10 happiest moments in my life have somehow involved Wingnut. Can you discover the secret to our happy life?

1) The day we met
2) The day we were married
3) The 10 days we spent in Hawaii on our honeymoon
4) Discovering the impending arrival of our first child
5) The arrival of our first child
6) The arrival of our second child
7) The arrival of our third child
8) The arrival of our fourth child
9) The arrival of our fifth child
10) The arrival of our sixth child

Wingnut is a wonderful husband; loving, attentive, supportive, and possessing a wicked sense of humor. He has had me laughing from day one and for me it is his most endearing quality. So here's to our first 18 years, may God continue to Bless our union and our family for many more years to come.
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Sarah said...

Congratulations, you two love bugs!! Many more years to you!!!!!
(I had a floral tiara, too, at our wedding). Hmmm, great minds think alike. Enjoy your anniversary!!

Walter said...

uhhhh...you forgot about the birth of your younger brother...now I'm not expecting number 1 status but I would say 39 years of me being around to brighten your day ranks higher than 10 measly days in paradise with your prince charming. May God continue to Bless you guys and congrats on 18 years of marriage you two. Chris it is a joy having you as a brother in law!

Love ya Mau

Your Bro!

Michelle said...

Congratulations! I hope all married couples can find the same joy it sounds like you two have found.

maxbrucewell said...

You both have a lot to be proud of it is never easy especially in this day & age.
You both have put a huge amount of love and work into your family!
Love Dad

Tonya said...


Sam said...

WAY TO go you guys!!! Yeah, Rob and I say we have been happily married for 17years...with a couple of stressful getting to know what we are doing together years!!!

Keep up the great work!!!

Dawn said...


Katie said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris and Mau! You and your kids bring so much joy into my life -- and tons of hope. JPII said that "the family is the primary evanglizer of culture" and the Mayerle's are doing one heck of a job! Here's to many more years (and more frequent visits). And of course, more coffee...

In Christ our Life,