Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inland Empire Beauty

Why didn't I appreciate the beauty of my hometown when I was growing up? I am enjoying showing my kids the natural wonders and cultivated artistry that I took for granted when I was a child.
This was our old stomping grounds when I was a child, The Japanese Gardens. My one enduring memory of the place was the time my brother "fell" into the waterfall there. Things have sure changed. That section is now blocked off, I'm sure to keep other clowns from "falling"in.

It truly is so cool, shady, and peaceful here. I don't remember that as a child.

Karate Kid took this lovely picture at the Rose Gardens. I remember our Grandmother walking us through the acres of roses when we were children.

The timing of our visit was perfect. The roses are in full bloom. They are absolutely breathtaking. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy this splendor now.
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Rob said...

I didn't appreciate the beauty of my hometown when I was growing up either.....oh wait....i grew up in Bowie :P

Your Bro said...

Excuse me Mau...I am a Dufus not a clown. Please note that for future reference! By the way...if you are using this post to highlight the beauty of Spokane why is there not a picture of me???

Love Ya Mau

Your Bro

Your Bro said...

By the way...I fell into the upper pond because I was striving to fish out a couple of quarters people had tossed in while making wishes. I was embracing my entrepenuer spirit without engaging my brain to calculate the realities of gravity. Great thought on the picture Shorty.

Sarah said...

I was there once. Gorgeous! These are beautiful pictures.