Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jet Lag

You wouldn't think a measly three hour time difference would make much of an impact on sleep schedules, but it really does! Baby Wingnut's messed up rhythm means I have a couple hours to post here while the rest of the kids continue to sleep.

We made it, without incident, to Washington State late Tuesday night. The kids did great on the long, long, long flight and the folks at Southwest were really terrific. Baby Wingnut was incredibly excited to finally get to fly on an airplane. An hour into our second leg, Baby Wingnut told me he was finished flying, and ready to go home. Nervous laughter. Thank goodness he hung in there and stuck out the rest of the flight.

Wingnut had coached Baby Wingnut how to tell the pilots of the plane that he was qualified to fly said plane (something about a 737 type rating and 20,000 hours or some such information). Baby Wingnut was convinced he was going to get to fly the plane. I had to burst his little bubble and tell him he was not quite old enough to be a pilot. Nervous laughter. He took that news pretty well and is now waiting with baited breath until he is 5 and can finally be a pilot.

On our second leg the flight attendants gave him a little pair of pilot's wings. He was so proud and had to tell the pilot on the last leg that he was old enough to "drive" the plane. Nervous laughter. Thankfully he really is quite reasonable and we were able to easily convince him that the pilots really wanted to "drive" their own plane.

Baby Wingnut fell asleep on take off from Vegas and slept the entire final leg. He did wake up just in time to meet the welcome wagon, especially his Uncle Walter, who often posts hilarious comments on my blog. This was the first meeting for Uncle Walter and Baby Wingnut, but Baby Wingnut went right to his Uncle and proceeded to talk his ear off about his trip and Sponge Bob and football and other completely random and unrelated topics. Uncle Walter ate it up.

Uncle Walter with BW.

Normally I would have cropped out the extraneous material in this photo, but I am without my Mac on this trip and I am just learning how to use my sister's Dell. I'll tell ya, PCs are not as user friendly as Macs! I did manage to copy this photo from my Dad's Facebook page, so the learning process is going pretty well. Oh, and there isn't an automatic spell checker on this thing, so I'm going to have to really concentrate on spelling correctly. Nervous laughter. Just bear with me as I learn to use this thing!

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Annaberri said...

That's funny, I don't check in that often, but you are in my state. We're just north of Seattle, and we hope you have a great trip!