Saturday, June 20, 2009

He Survived 13

Stat Boy turns 14 today and in his honor I'm listing the 14 things I love most about him.

1) He has the same wicked sense of humor as his dad.

2) He can converse with most anyone, with apparent ease.

3) When he puts his mind to it, he is quite capable of doing his chores correctly.

4) He readily admits when he is in the wrong and truly works on improving his shortcomings.

5) He is very safety conscious and I can trust him to care for his younger siblings.

6) He can calculate sums, products, differences, fractions, etc. faster than I can put them in a calculator. This comes in handy, really, it does.

7) He is pretty easy going and can go with the flow.

8) He is pretty stubborn and likes to stick to the schedule.

9) He is a very loyal and trustworthy friend.

10) He loves his Faith and serves at the Altar with reverence and great care.

11) He'll still give me a kiss goodnight.

12) He never leaves me guessing as to what may be bothering him. He either wears it on his sleeve, or blurts it right out.

13) Neighborhood kids of all ages flock to our house to "play" with Stat Boy.

14) He becomes more enjoyable with each year he adds to his wonderful life.

We love you Stat Boy and hope you have a wonderful and Blessed birthday!

Disclaimer: Stat Boy chose his own photos for this post.

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Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Stat Boy!!! Wow, those are some really, um…GREAT photos of you. I hope you have an awesome fourteenth birthday!


sam said...

what great attributes!!! I wish we were all that good...keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stat Boy!!! I hope it's awesome.

P.S. Nice Indian outfit :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day! Love the pictures. Hope you have some fun -- what kind of cake did you request?

Anonymous said...

I'm having an Oreo cake... its two chocolate cakes with come white frosting stuff in between and then some oreos on top and chocalte frosting also.

maxbrucewell said...


Happy Birthday!
With love,

The Grand Max Paw & Maw

Your Unc said...

Stat Nut...happy birthday my fine young nephew...we are so excited to see you this week and love you bud! Sorry this is late I was not able to get to the blog until today.