Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogosphere Buddies

Wow, I've been blogging for a whole year now and I still have things to write about. Amazing! I'd have to say, the best and most unexpected aspect about blogging are the new friends I have made. Weird, huh? I'm really enjoying these new friendships and I've even gotten together with some my blogging buddies in real life.

I had the distinct pleasure of having Sarah from Ora et Labora-Journey of Truth over for coffee today, along with her very patient husband and charming children. Sarah is a fellow coffee-ophile and we have needed to share a cuppa joe for a long while. Sadly, Sarah and family will be leaving for Hawaii next week and this was our only chance to catch a cup together, for now. We had a nice visit and I have to thank her husband for driving her over. You're one of the good guys, Chief! Thanks and God Bless you all during your Hawaiian "holiday"!

Sarah and I posing for a quick photo before their departure.

I had to get this pic of Chief as he peered in the window, waiting to see if us gals were finished gabbing yet. There is only so much "female talk" a man can take, even a guy as patient as Sarah's hubby :-)
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Sarah said...

Awwwww, you're so sweet! Patient, too!! We were over an hour late! Thank you for your hospitality and the yummy treats and stupendous coffee!!!!!! We'll definitely keep in touch and we're only a short HI holiday away for you guys!!!

Party of Eight said...

How fun! It's always better IRL!

Maurisa said...

I just caught that I had spelled Chief incorrectly. What happened to my spell checker! Embarrassing, especially since I'm supposedly the teacher around here!

Renee said...

Awww is right! YOU GOT TO MEET SARAH! LOL How fun for both of you and what fun to snap the photo of Chief looking through the window. You have a lovely family, God bless you!

Tonya said...

Just trying to catch up after my "fun" week. I have to say - you look great! Miss you. Wish I was your blogging buddy who got to come over and have coffee.

As for the rain - Eric said it's a rain forest out there!