Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekly High Five

1) If you fly with the Flylady, we were in the bathroom this week. Wingnut pitched in and cleaned the toilet, the mirrors, and the sinks. He did an awesome job! I took the opportunity to wash all the bathroom rugs and vacuum up all the dust bunnies lurking in the corners. The bathroom is squeaky clean!

2) I spent one afternoon creating a high school transcript for Karate Kid. She has two years under her belt and I'm glad I tackled the task now, rather than later. It took several hours to type all the information in, figure grades, and calculate a GPA for her. We are off to a good start. Best of all, I can save this transcript as a template for the rest of our children.

3) Wingnut was sick for our 18th wedding anniversary, but we were finally able to head out for a romantic date by the weekend. We went to our favorite Spanish restaurant in Annapolis and throughly enjoyed some great food and each other's company. There is much to be said about having a completely uninterrupted conversation with your husband!

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Katie said...

Great job! Do you think Wingnut would like to come over and clean our bathrooms too! ;-)

Party of Eight said...

Hee-hee. I like how we blog about similar things sometimes :D OK, I'll guess: El Toro Bravo? Great successes!

Maurisa said...

Not El Toro Bravo. Our favorite is Jalapenos. We may have to try the El Toro, though. :-)