Monday, April 22, 2013

Wrecking Ball

It was a very rough day and night yesterday. Some horrific viral stomach bug swooped through the house and took us all out within 12 hours, with the exception of Wingnut. Special K and Lil' Lamb went down in the morning, by dinner they were past the worst of it. I felt pretty miserable from lunchtime on so I skipped the black bean soup I made for dinner. That was the right move! Poor Wingnut Jr., Skoshi A, and JayP!

Wingnut Jr. ended up sleeping on the floor of our bathroom all night. You should see the pile of laundry I have just from him! His biggest problem was that this bug made him incredibly thirsty, but he couldn't even keep water down. I kept telling him to take small sips of water, but from my sick bed I could hear him gulping away. 15 minutes later that water would be back up. This cycle repeated until 3:30 am when I finally took all the water glasses out of the bathroom and gave him a wet wash cloth to suck on and told him if he went two hours without getting sick he could have an actual sip of water. He finally fell asleep and slept mostly peacefully until 9:30 this morning.

The house smells like death, and we all feel like we were taken out by a wrecking ball. I'm still in bed with aches and chills. The kids are watching one movie after another, huddle under their blankets. It was a fast moving virus, but I think we are on the back end of it, unless Wingnut comes home with it tonight. By then the rest of us should be well enough to care for him.

Wingnut commented that it is the times like this that make being a family so worthwhile. We see each other at our worst and the best comes out of us. We become more patient and calm in our effort to care for those around us. There is something profoundly loving in the act of mopping up after a helpless someone. Even Wingnut jr. demonstrated this self sacrificial love, when deep in the throes of his sickness he made the effort to bring his mommy an ice cold cup of water with a straw. I love these kids and this husband of mine.

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Ute said...

Feel better, all of you!