Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anti-Climatic Reveal

The girl's room has been a work in progress.  As the project has progressed, I've posted photos here.  Well, today I can say the project is complete.  Well, almost complete.  I still need to sew up a table runner for their dresser, but that would mean dragging out my cursed sewing machine and cursing as I fight with it to just sew a ding dang straight line without the bobbin freaking out and tangled thread spewing from the cursed machine.  I'll get up the courage to complete that project one of these days, but not this day.

I found this bedding at PB Teen last year.  The girls have a trundle bed to save space in their room for living.  Karate Kid's room has the same wall shelf except in honey oak.  It's a great little shelf for their  treasured knick-knacks.

The cursed dresser that needs a cursed table runner, bleh!

Curtains and bulletin board are finally hung.  The two banana leaf boxes hold the spare bedding for the trundle and serve as a sort of night stand for Skoshi A's alarm clock and the various books the girls are reading.

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1 comment:

Tonya said...

The room looks great! Love your comments about sewing even more. I feel exactly the same way. Although I would never think of a runner for the dresser and if by some odd chance I did, I would NEVER think of sewing it!