A Little Daddy Time

Wingnut was tasked to work over Easter weekend.  The neat part about his needing to fly the plane over Easter was that he was allowed to bring a guest along with him.  His lucky travel companion on this trip was Special K.  Boy did she ever have a great time and she relished every last moment of her special daddy time.

On the plane there is a jump seat behind and between the two pilots' seats.  This was Special K's "co-pilot" seat for the three flights over the weekend.  First stop: Sunny San Diego.

One of the perks of Wingnut's job is that they stay in the company's hotels and eat for free in their 4 star  gourmet restaurants.  In San Diego, this is the West Gate Hotel and restaurants.   This is just one of the special meals Special K had on her trip.  She raved about the Monte Cristo.  She also had leg of lamb, belgian waffles, venison, miniature dunking donuts, and blood orange sorbet over as well as other classy fare over the entire 4 day trip.

Daddy showed her the sites, including a harbor tour and Old Town San Diego.

Next stop was Sun Valley Resort in Idaho.  She went ice skating

and swimming, and saw Oz the Great and Powerful, compliments of the hotel and luxury theater at the resort.  Yeah, she had a rough weekend.


Maia said…
Wow! That's going to be a trip that gets treasured forever!!
Anonymous said…
That looks like a great trip! How exciting for her.

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