Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Living Under Tyranny

Lil' Lamb is a toddler tyrant.  Wingnut and I opine frequently that it is a good thing he was not our first, otherwise there would have been none following.  We say this all in jest, but seriously, this pint-sized baby Napoleon is giving us a run for the money.  As I type even now, his high-pitched scream of displeasure pierces me through.

He's been the.worst.baby.ever about everything.  He's had a personal vendetta against sleep from the day he was born.  He is frequently up before 6:30 in the morning, and loves to share his joy at the arrival of the day with everyone, you know with high pitched screeching.  He is fiercely independent and must do everything himself.  Woe to the helpful sibling.

His diet is still horrible. He eats hardly anything that isn't completely laced with sugar, with the exception of "chicky", which is any kind of meat and "beans-beans".  Most everything else is greated with "eeeeewwwwwww! icky!" Weaning is not going well, although I have cut out the between nap and nighttime nursing.  We all desperately need the little guy to sleep when he will and so I can't see having him completely weaned for a little while yet.

He doesn't really play.  He marauds wreaking havoc and destruction as he goes.  He also needs no fewer than 3 people paying complete attention to him at all times.  We've had to password protect all the electronics, because in his mind, any small tech gadget left within his reach belongs to him--"My iPad!"  Good luck wrenching that from his sticky little paws.

Yes, he is our wonderfully strong-willed, cute little tyrant.  We wouldn't have him any other way. Print Friendly and PDF


Natalie said...

Have you had his hearing tested? Our speech therapist who works with Clark and Eric told me that sometimes when children make those high pitched screams that to them it doesn't sound high pitched. She gave me more details but I can't remember them now. I plan on having Rhett's ears tested when we get back to ABQ as well as having him see an orthapedist to make sure nothing is ailing him. But Rhett hasn't said any concrete words yet so I'm probably a little overzealeous. Good luck!

Maurisa said...

Yes, Natalie, we've had his hearing tested. He's just a stinker :) He's also a big talker but has learned he can get his siblings to toe the line if he screams.

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Have you tried large doses of benadryl and duct tape? Instead of nursies he can experience a high dosage of sleepies while you experience peace!

Just an idea from a loving uncle!

Love ya Mau

Wandering Heart said...

Does it seem possible to you that he might have some kind of sensory problem or developmental issue? The restricted diet, destructiveness, lack of appropriate play, poor sleep, etc can all be signs of that sort of thing. I mention this not because I think it's likely, but because it occurred to me as I read your post and I would feel guilty years later if it turns out to be the case and I hadn't said anything. :p Of course the things I mentioned can all also be signs of being two. And probably that's the case. But you have the big picture and the personal experience so I'm putting this thought in your hands.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered finding an exorcist?

Maurisa said...

Bwahahaha, JP. Too funny!