Making Progress

I'm not one of those tackle a big job all at once and then make a big, dramatic reveal.  I'm one of those, we're making progress and one day it will look the way I want kind of people.  Our current project that had been in the works since moving into this house and is nearly complete is the girls' room.  We've repainted and recarpteted and are currently in the decorating stage.  Here are the finished projects from this week.

Decoupage letters in coordinating colors.

The bulletin board is hung and I found these great banana leaf storage boxes to store the extra bedding from the girls' trundle bed.

I've reorganized their closet with a closet maid system and ordered a shelving unit for their various knick-knacks.  I need to sew a table runner and then I think we will finally be finished.  I'll post photos as I finish each project.


Katie said…
Cannot wait to see the whole room!
bobbi said…
It is looking good! I am enjoying watching the progress. :-)
Paul and Annie said…
Hi Maurisa!
Sorry for any frustration I've caused, I've tried to email several times, but maybe my email account is being wierd or is sending my message to your junk mail...who knows???

Anyway, I'm sooo excited to claim my prize and to get some thing in the mail that isn't bills ;-)

My info is:
Annie Coakley
E10213 Shady Lane Rd
Reedsburg, WI 53959

Thank you again and happy Easter!!!

Btw, this room is making me want to redecorate my house! Love the colors and style!!!

God bless,
Annie and the Coakley Boys

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