Teaching Catholic Boys

I've been leading a Blue Knights group at our parish for little boys between 5-8 years old.  We have 6 little guys plus Lil' Lamb and they are a real joy to work with.  Today we a changing gears a bit and instead of making a piece for their armory, we are going to learn about the priesthood and priestly vestments.

I found the instructions for these cute priest peg dolls on Catholic Icing. (She also has instructions for altar boy peg dolls and various nun peg dolls) We'll be decorating vestments in every color for each peg priest.

I've stepped up the vestiture by adding a cincture and stole in each color.

I also found coloring sheets for vestments for the ordinary and the extraordinary form along with a great little booklet on the meaning of each vestment and the prayer a priest recites as he puts on each piece from Catholic Inspired.


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