Friday, April 12, 2013

My Love/Hate Relationship with the Easter Season

I really do love Eastertide, this is more about self-discipline. It is so much easier for me to practice self-discipline for my Faith than for myself.  I had a fairly successful Lent.  My prayer life flourished.  I had very little trouble with a little self-denial when it came to dessert.  I even came within 1 pound of my goal weight, close enough for me to decide to drop my goal weight another 5 pounds.  Not too shabby.

I was sailing right along, and then Easter hit and self-discipline went right out the window.  In just a week my weight climbed back up 5+ pounds.  Funny how it takes 6 weeks to drop the same amount it takes only a week to gain back.  Sigh.  My more rigorous prayer schedule went out the door too.  I'm so disappointed.  It is time to get back on track, pray for more grace and perseverance, and keep marching on.  Pray for me! Print Friendly and PDF


Anonymous said...

So very true,so human, I am in the same boat.

Sophie Miriam said...

Will do! I decided this year to give up for Lent and add in for Easter. So until Pentecost, I am spending one hour in a church per day, either praying, meditating on what surrounds me, or doing spiritual reading. I love it so much, I may well continue past Pentecost!

Maurisa said...

Aw, thank you Sophie! I really appreciate it. Sometimes we get so busy and distracted in our lives the first thing to go is prayer. That is why carving out a particular time for prayer is absolutely vital. I love your idea for Easter!