Monday, September 17, 2012

Update on the Skosh

Our family doctor called with Skoshi A's blood work results.  Go figure, she did indeed test positive for Lyme's disease.  This really was the best case scenario, as ominous as it sounds, Lyme's is treatable if caught in the early stages.  Unfortunately, she tested positive for latter stage Lyme's.  The disease is still treatable with a course of antibiotics, but she may have lingering long term symptoms.  I had no idea Lyme's was such a sneaker!

We are so thankful for a responsive doctor!  He did not hesitate to do this particular test for us, even though his first inclination was toward JRA (Junior Rheumatoid Arthritis).  I asked if he thought we should all be tested and he deferred to my "mother's instinct".  As none of the rest of us have any complaints to think of, I don't think testing is warranted at this time.

I'm taking two important things from this experience.  I will always trust my own instincts when it comes to my kids and any weird unexplainable health problems will lead to an immediate Lyme's test!

So, it's one month of antibiotics for Skosh and we'll just continue to pray her symptoms do not persist beyond this initial course of treatment.  Pax! Print Friendly and PDF


Anonymous said...

So glad Sk A's not looking at JRA. Will pray for complete healing. Best to all of you Mayerles.

Katie said...

Praying for her!! I cannot believe how common Lyme's seems to be, especially without and detection of a tick bite.

Maia said...

Prayers! I know what a sneaker Lyme disease can be!