Friday, September 14, 2012

A Dose of Cute 6 Year Old Boy

Wingnut Jr. has always been the unending source of amusement in this family.

On Tuesday he asked,  "If I work diligently on my work this morning, can I do half math?"

After congratulating him on his proper use of the word diligently I answered his query in the negative.

"Oh, darn it."

While reading aloud to me on Wednesday, the lil' guy slyly began inserting funny voices into the narration.

"No silly, voices," I commanded.

"Oh, darn it."

On a trip into town, Wingnut Jr. was reminiscing about the fun he had on the neighbors' miniature snowmobile.  He kept calling it a "snow-more-bile".

Correcting him, I said, "It's a snowMOBILE."

"That's what I said," he reassured me.

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