Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Okay With That

If any of my children were meant to go to conventional school, it would be the JayP. I've known it since day one. The boy has always been a very social creature and having been sandwiched in between a gaggle of sisters made homeschooling him that much more challenging. He's also been one that has needed not only an environment in which he feels he's competing for something, but also the benefit of outside adult influence and encouragement.

He's been at Saint Joe's for several months and the boy has truly flourished. Amazingly, he's stayed on top of his academics and has accepted the responsibilities of doing make up work and has even argued for the occasional better grade he deserved/earned. I've been pleasantly surprised by his ability to adapt so quickly to such a new environment and I must admit he has learned some much needed life skills along the way; skills he may not have gained at home.

Not only has he figured the "school" thing out, he's enjoyed the opportunity of playing school sports. He played some basketball last year, and has been playing baseball this fall. For a kid who had never played a team sport, he's done rather well, especially at baseball. He's a great contact hitter and we were able to see him hit a home run in his last game.

All in all, he's pretty pleased with being in school. I'm no fool. Not every kid is a good fit for homeschooling. I'm okay with that.
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NancyP said...

I'm so thankful the Good Lord led you to a place where JayP could thrive in traditional school and you could continue to homeschool your younger children. IMHO, JayP will thrive in any educational environment that values students' input. For him, it's all about the collaborative process. In the right university, he'll grab opportunities and run with them!