Monday, September 10, 2012

At Least You Could Stand for Something

If you haven't seen this video from last week's DNC. It's one you have to see to believe.

After the furor  over not including God and Jerusalem in the party platform, the rules were suspended by a floor vote and then the delegates were given the opportunity to vote on whether to reinstate God and Jerusalem into the platform.  Three times the mayor of LA asked the delegates to voice "aye" in favor of the amendment or "nay"to vote against.  It takes a 2/3 majority to ratify an amendment to the platform.  It is inherently clear from the video the 2/3 majority was not reached.  In fact, it seemed more delegates voted "nay".  It is also clear from the footage this outcome was not expected and so instead of actually accepting the vote against the amendment, the powers that be added the amendment anyway to the sound of booing from the floor.

Why, oh why, did the DNC care in the first place?  I don't believe the omissions were "accidental" in the least.  I also don't think many dyed in the wool dems give one whit if God and Jerusalem are part of the party platform.  Having removed any mention of either could hardly have hurt the President's chance of re-election, in my opinion.  So why did they make a big deal out of it in the first place?  Just stand up for your platform.  If you don't believe in God and you don't believe Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of Israel, say so and stick by your guns.  For goodness sake, stand for something, even if it is wrong.  This just makes you look idiotic.

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