Thursday, September 6, 2012

{P, H, F, R} September 6

round button chicken

We had a blue moon last week, in case you missed it.  You know what?  A blue moon is not blue at all.  It's the same ol' color.  What is meant by a blue moon is that because of the lunar cycle, we occasionally have a full moon twice in the same month.  Still it was a very pretty evening here in Utah.

After a fairly long dry spell, we were blessed with some much needed rain. . . and then some hail that damaged a good portion of the garden. . . and then a rainbow.


The boys have discovered the happiness of digging in the pile of rocks and dirt with all their trucks.


Lil' Lamb doesn't need toys to keep himself entertained on the rock pile.  He can have hours of fun throwing the rocks into the lawn.


Though I wasn't able to plant the garden of my dreams this spring, our neighbors have been incredibly generous with their bounty.  We've received lettuce, kale, zucchini, and yellow squash.  I love, love, love grilled yellow squash!

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Natalie said...

OH i love love love your moon picture! and on a different note, what happened with Ollie's doctor? I would of wanted/demanded an apology after such an infrigement and violation of trust.

Meghan said...

Great moon picture! I can never get a good picture of the moon, and it was so beautiful that night. I love a blue moon. I heard a little bit of trivia that blue moons only happen on average of every three and a half years.

Leila said...

You captured some good stuff here! Nice post -- love the rock-throwing baby and the squash on the grill!