Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Can Still Feel Pretty Inept

I needed to run into town and mail a quick package to Karate Kid.  I took my two little boys along and promised we'd stop for a treat at the local coffee/smoothie cafe.  We ordered their smoothies and the boys sat at one of the tables together and began to play with the complimentery checkers board.  Lil' Lamb was in a mood and so I was hoping those smoothies would arrive before the checkers ended up on the floor or in his mouth.  Mercifully, they were quickly made and so I left Wingnut Jr. in charge of his little brother, although they weren't much more than 4 feet away from me as I paid.

I had my back turned to them for mere seconds before the ruckus began.  I quickly paid, but was called back by the cashier to fill out a ticket for their weekly prize drawing.  As I frantically filled out the ticket, the ruckus became a melee. Lil' Lamb began to scream and Wingnut Jr. wailed in frustration.  Let me tell you, Lil' Lamb can scream and he can scream loudly and he can scream at a very, very high pitch.  It makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

As he screamed, the only other customer in the cafe threw up her arms and began yelling, "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What is that!"

 I was stunned.  I quickly turned to the boys and got them to calm down.  Apparently, Lil' Lamb had wanted to get down off his chair and Wingnut Jr. didn't think he should and was trying as hard as he could to keep his little brother in his seat.  Thus the screaming.  Perfectly reasonable, no?  Without hesitation I grabbed the smoothies and my boys and headed for the door.  As we scrambled for the exit, the offended woman began to apologize profusely.  She really does love children and used to work with them, but his screaming was so high pitched.  For some reason, her apology made it all that much more mortifying.  Silly, I know.

We hightailed it out of the cafe and drank our smoothies in the van with our tails tucked behind us.  After all these years and seven children, I can still feel pretty inept as a mom at times.  New moms, it happens to all of us, even us veterans!  Take courage and keep your chins up. Print Friendly and PDF

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Mary @ Cheerios said...

GOd sure has a way to keep our pride in check, huh?!?! Yikes! I have a screamer (or 2 or 3!) just like your Lil' Lamb and it is SO true-it does make your hair stand on end! Oi vey.
GOd bless the rest of your day,
mary @Cheerios