Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kids are Amazing

For the first time in our homeschooling career we are undertaking somewhat formal physical ed.  Up to this point, our children were always involved in some kind of sport or physical activity that we paid for, be it swim lessons, tennis, karate, gymnastics, ballet, etc.  The biggest drawback in living out in the country is that we have to drive a half an hour to get to most places that would have extracurricular activities we could count as PE.  No biggie.  We have a nice park with a basketball court, volleyball net, and a 1/4 mile track.  The weather is lovely this time of year, perfect for PE.

Skoshi A and Special K are joining me on the Little Flowers Virtual Fun Run hosted by my buddy Katie in October and so they are training to run a 5K.  I'm bribing them a little to motivate them.  Apparently, Wingnut Jr. likes the bribing idea and he's got something in mind.  Funny,  when I suggested running a 1/2 mile to him several months ago he fussed and whined and I really began to believe 1/2 a mile was too far.  Boy was I ever wrong.   Yesterday, at the mere suggestion of a prize, the boy ran an entire mile without stopping or whining, and he still looked fresh.  I think he really could have gone quite a bit further.  I'm beginning to believe kids are truly natural athletes and all it takes is a little motivation to prove it.  Unfortunately, we live in a very sedentary culture and it is so easy to lose any natural fitness we possess.

Lil' Lamb could not be left out.  After playing on the playground for a spell, he noticed his siblings making their way around the track.  He began to run after them, pumping his little left arm.  Poor little man tripped and face planted after only 1/2 a lap, but oh what an 1/8 of a mile that was!

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Katie said...

k has surprised me that way too. We have gone to the track and he just will not stop!

momto5minnies said...

Never underestimate the potential of a child ... keep running!

We are big on the exercise thing, but it can be exhausting to just GET THERE.