Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Whole Lotta Random

There are times when I have half a dozen posts rattling around my brain and then there are times when I got a whole lotta nuthin.  The last week has been a nuthin week.

Several weeks ago I began posting photos from a "Photo a Day" challenge.  I was pretty diligent about taking my photos when I began to realize I just don't care to take the photos the challenge was asking.  I have no interest at all in self portraits, and it was asking for a whole lotta self portraits.  Yawn.  Needless to say, I've given up on the challenge completely.  I do still try to take photos everyday, but I only take them of things I enjoy taking pictures of--like my kids and Utah's natural beauty and food.  Ya know, if it's something I enjoy photographing, the photos are much more interesting.

I saw a post on Pinterest for bread baked in a crockpot. I was intrigued and after some further digging, I discovered this awesome little cookbook called "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day".  I bought it and we are sold as a family.  Not only are the recipes easy, they use so few ingredients, and the bread is out of this world yummy!  The concept is simple; make up a huge batch of bread dough from one of the recipes (most will make 4 one pound loaves) and keep it in the fridge in a huge tub.  An hour or so before you need a loaf of bread, take a nice chunk of the dough, shape, and let it rise while your oven preheats.  Slide it into the oven bake 30 minutes and you have a nice piping hot loaf of bread.  There are dozens of recipes from boule to baguette; from challah to brioche.  I even plan to making all of our sandwich bread from now on.  With just a little effort and fore thought, we can have lovely fresh baked bread at hand and will save close to $12 a week by not purchasing store bought bread. Win, win, win.

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Katie said...

Ok, now you have ME sold on that book!

Inch said...
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Our Family said...

I just made my second batch of dough....SUPER easy I am now hooked!!

can't wait to try some of the flat breads!