Monday, July 16, 2012

Not the Honey Pot You were Thinking Of

What is it about little boys and their need to mark their territory?  Everywhere we go, Wingnut Jr. needs to use the restroom almost as soon as we've arrived.  This gets to be quite frustrating as We then need to find the restroom in any building we enter.  If the boy happens to miraculously make it through an excursion without needing to use the bathroom, the rest of us are left in absolute shock.  Karate Kid won't even walk him the 1/3 mile to the park for fear he'll need to go.  She drives him there and back.

Right now, the 1/3 mile to the playground is not an issue.  There is a new home being built on our street and the construction crew has access to a port-a-potty.  Wingnut Jr. is enthralled with the outhouse and apparently he uses it either on his way to the park or on his way back home.  He's especially intrigued by the brand name of the port-a-potty.  It's called "The Honey Pot" and according to the boy, it is incredibly clean (the cleanest outhouse he's ever seen) and I definitely need to check it out.  Uh,  I'm fairly certain I can wait until I get back to our house just two doors down, thank you very much. Print Friendly and PDF


Natalie said...

Lol Clark does that too at every building we go into.

YourBro said...

Hey Mau! Maybe it's less about marking the little spakler's territory than it is about him finding greater appeal with other venues compared to the commode at home. Is the seat too chilly??? Does it not conform properly to his little bum??? I don't know. But I think the question does need to be asked!

Love Ya Mau!

Tonya said...

Hilarious! I think I would be with you on NOT checking out how clean this outhouse is. GROSS!