Monday, July 9, 2012

Final Health Update . . . I Hope!

Oleander has finished her course of antibiotics, and has been completely symptom free for three days. As a precaution, because she is traveling and cannot get her blood tested right away, she will continue on antibiotics for at least two more weeks.

I'm thrilled her stomach issues are resolved. I'm also relieved we were right to believe non of this was stress or depression related. Even with the positive Lyme's diagnosis, Ollie's doctor continued to push for the antidepressants. We held our ground and it looks like we were right to.

For the next two weeks, Oleander is working with 5&6 year olds during a summer Oritory at an IVE parish in Santa Clara, California. She is so excited and was thrilled to be assigned to that particular age group. It will be a classroom full of Wingnut Jrs, for sure!

I am finally pain free, except on the rare occasion I turn my head a funny direction. I'm sleeping really well and have been continuing with physical therapy about once a week. There is still numbness and tingling in two fingers on my left hand. My physical therapist believes I did sustain some nerve damage, but I should recover the feeling in my fingers in time. A nerve cell repairs itself at a rate of about one millimeter per week. This must be a very long nerve root :(

I am up and running again and running does not seem to aggravate my condition. Hooray! I was even able to pick up right where I left off, so I have about 3 more weeks to go in the 9 week Couch to 5k program.

Thank you for all the prayers for Ollie and myself and for the inquiries into our progress. We are both recovering very nicely even if very slowly. Print Friendly and PDF

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Natalie said...

I'm so glad you are doing well again! I started the couch to 5K program you linked, but have only been able to do the first week twice. lol by the time it is cool enough to run, it is dark so until the heat backs down, I'm sticking to the elliptical in the AC'ed gym.

I hate it when docs continue to pressure/hound you about something you've decided with your child instead of respecting that decision. We've been getting a little flack about deciding to not vaccinate the boys as well as deciding to not give Eric the autism label. Thanks for being an inspiration to me to stand my ground with them.