Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Can't Make this Stuff Up!

I was going to pick my mom up from the airport sans kids, but Wingnut Jr. was sitting there all cute and he's such an entertaining little fella, I invited him to come along. The lil guy did not disappoint.

"Hey Mom, can you juggle?"


"What? What kind of woman are you, that can't juggle? All the girls can juggle. Why can't you juggle?"

He's lost all respect for me over juggling?

I promised a treat from the vending machines at the airport. After we parked the car, Wingnut Jr. reminded me of my promise. I began raiding the coin stash in Wingnut's car.

"Oh, that's Dad's money!" the boy worriedly pointed out.

"It's ok," I reassured him, "Dad shares his money with me."

"Wow! What a great husband!" he exclaimed with surprise.

After we'd found my mom, grabbed her bags, purchased his treat, and begun the drive home the lil guy joined in on our conversations. My mom had asked how GG (my Dad's mom) was doing, when he piped up with:

"GG! I know her! Did you know she's 101 years old and she's not even dead yet?!"

Ah the memories I'll have of this boy. Priceless, priceless memories. Print Friendly and PDF