Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Irrationality Reigns

No time for a proper blog post today. My mommy is coming for her first visit at our new home in Utah. Her flight lands at 6:30, so of course today would be the day the HVAC folks are coming to install the new A/C, and they aren't scheduled to begin until 5:00 pm.

Are you at all like me? When your mom comes for a visit, do you decide to go a little nuts and sanitize every room of the house, but especially the bedroom and bathroom she's going to use? I'm noticing all the little nit-picky things that have needed to be taken care of for months. My kids are hiding out now, waiting in fear of the next wave of irrationality. Lucky them, I just found a full box of mismatched socks that need matching. Yeah, that really needs to be done.

I only hope they get half as nutty as me years down the road when I'm due for a visit. Print Friendly and PDF

1 comment:

Mary V said...

Hey - some of us don't even need a mom visit to get like that... Enjoy your dear momma. Tell the kids you get sweeter when they clean the house:)