Monday, July 30, 2012

Portfolio Cover Photos

I saw this great idea for portfolio cover photos on Pinterest, and although I no longer have to make or keep portfolios of the kids school work (thank you Utah!) I thought it would be a neat thing to do for the kids.  They were super easy to create using, my own photographs, and the kids' answers to simple questions.  I would suggest using portrait oriented photos for this project if you want to make portfolio covers.  I just chose the photos I liked best regardless of orientation because I was doing this just for the fun of it.  If you click on each photo, you'll open a larger version of the cover and will be able to read the questions and answers more easily.

Wingnut Jr. didn't even pause when he answered "I am pretty good at: Wearing people out".  Truer words were never spoken by a six year old boy.

It was fun to hear how they would answer the questions.  I love Special K's answer to "Next year I hope to learn: How to bake"

Skoshi A's answers all surprised me!  She does indeed have the loudest burps in the family, BTW.

Karate Kid thought the idea was cool and felt we should make a cover photo for Lil' Lamb.  This was her creation, entirely--equal parts plausible and ridiculous.

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Sophie Miriam said...

FYI, since I saw a mention of Timez Attack--I know many people who downloaded it, only to discover that it installed malware and adware on their computer as well.

Maurisa said...

Thanks, Sophie. We installed it several years ago and did not have that problem. Possibly because it was installed on our Mac and not a PC?

Katie said...

Love those!! We have timez attack on our computer and have had no problems with malware, etc either. But, I "clean" our computer regularly.

I am impressed that he can do his times tables!! My 4th graded still struggles with that!

Maurisa said...

Katie, he doesn't know his times tables yet (except multiplying by 0,1, 2 and 10). He's looking forward to learning them next year ;)

My 4th grader still struggles with them too.