Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I Learned on Vacation 2010

I find I learn something new every time we take a family vacation. Here are the wonderful tidbits I discovered on this trip:

1) Fifteen year olds cannot be trusted to do their own packing. Oh, how he scoffed when I tried to give him a checklist to pack by. The boy forgot his taekwando uniform. This trip was all about taekwando. Big problem. Thankfully, he was able to purchase a new uniform from a vendor at the convention center in Fort Lauderdale. Who's scoffing now?

2) There is a limit to the number of times the motherly ear can listen to, "Hey, mama," in a given day.

3) While on the road you will see signs for Starbucks and Cracker Barrel at every exit along I95, unless you really need a Starbucks or Cracker Barrel.

4) The moment you jump into the hotel pool, giant storm clouds will gather. The moment you hop out, said clouds will mysteriously disappear. The same rule applies to the beach.

5) On a return trip it is much better to get it over with quickly rather than breaking the drive up over several days. It's much like pulling duct tape off your arm. You can take it slow and draw out the agony, or you can just rip it right off. Yes, it's painful, but it is over.

6) The Opera Carmen is sung in French, not Italian or Spanish.

7) Praying a family Rosary is a very peaceful way to spend 20 minutes in the van.

8) Our children are incredibly resilient, are a lot of fun, and have great senses of humor.

9) As a family, we are capable of getting along for 7 days even in very tight quarters.

10) It goes without saying, but I'm saying it. There is no place like home!
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Sophie Miriam said...

I envy your being able to say a rosary in the car. Sound travels so poorly in our car that saying a rosary necessitates everyone in the car shrieking so that others can hear them, at which point meditation becomes more than a little difficult.

Dawn said...

Amen to that sister! I love #5 and #7 and definitely #10! I am headed to drop M at a retreat and take C to the beach. We'll be back Fri..short vacation but it will be nice to do something with just the three of us.
Have a great summer!

Katie said...

That is so funny he forgot his uniform!! Ah, kids!! We have been gone for a few days and I have to say there is no place like home too! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

What I learned on vacation is:

1) Oleander has not yet learned the value of SHARING THE BED with her sister.

2) I want to live in Florida someday. It is GORGEOUS.

3) What would Stat Boy do without me? I knew he would forget to mark his gear and clip his nails as well so at least I brought a sharpy and clippers...I didn't anticipate him forgetting his uniform though :P

4) If you kick fast enough in a sparring match, the pants will chafe your legs and your legs might start bleeding.

5) Losing the day before can really be a good motivator to win your match the next day.

6) I can be ferocious when I have to.

7) My parents are the best for taking me to the National Championships! Thanks mom and dad!!! :)

The Karate Kid

Seahawkfan said...
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Natalie said...

Haha! I would say you did well being pregnant on a trip. I've only had two so far, but with each one I had horrible car sickness in the beginning. No where else. Just the car so I always had to drive whenever we went someplace for the first 12 weeks at least.

I'm big on checklists too. =)

Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Welcome back...didn't know you were gone!!!! Hehehehehehehehe
Good to see that my neice and nephew got to compete at the national level...I am impressed. I do have my own take on your top ten list which I am sure you and all of my fans will enjoy...

1. 15 year olds can only trusted with the reality that their head and hindquarters are interchangable. Other than that it is a roll of the die and hope for the best. I think it would have been awesome if statnut were forced to compete in his underroos...that would have had a ton of hits on youtube!!!
2. That limit would be three...then the duct tape and benadryl come out.
3. That is because the Bucks is like Crack for you! Cracker Barrel??? you can never get too much of that good food!
4. Your in Florida...where the temp is constantly 90 and so is the humidity...what does it matter whether the son is shining or not?
Seattle on the other hand...IT MATTERS!
5. The return trip goes by so much better when you take a plane and leave the driving to your spouse...it's almost heaven!
6. Who cares about the Opera, Carmen or what language she sings it in?!? Give me AC/DC** for my trip...**not necessarily suitable for all readers of this blog!!!
7. So is listening to your Ipod with noise cancelling Bose headphones.
8. Yes they are and yes the do...except for StatNut...he is weird.
9. Its amazing what you can accomplish with Duct tape and benadryl!
10. If it goes without saying then why in the world are you saying it??? That's all you got??? There is no place like home??? With a top 10 list you want to end with something over the top and memorable...like...there is no more wonderful person like my brother whose birthday is Monday...something like that...you disappoint me Mau!!!!

I love ya Mau,


Walt said...

My spelling was atrocious...I will do better next time!!!