Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SeaWorld Miracle

Ok, the trip wasn't ALL about taekwando. We did manage a side-trip to SeaWorld on our way. Thanks to the patriotic folks at Anhueser Busch, four of us were given free admission to the park as part of their Here's to The Heroes campaign. We only had to pay for two adult admissions and then through another promotion we were given two $5 children's tickets. Not too shabby, but this is not the miracle to which the title of this post refers.

Once inside the park, we set the oldest 4 free with a phone to do their own exploring. They spent the vast majority of their day standing in lines to ride the coasters. The rest of us enjoyed the animal exhibits and awesome shows. Right about lunch time I received a text from Karate Kid, "Stat Boy's backpack was stolen from a locker at the Manta". Argh! Wingnut and I had tried to coax the boy into leaving his backpack in the van, but he insisted on bringing it into the park. He had his iPod and all the lunch money for himself and two of his sisters in the stolen bag. I sent Wingnut and the youngest two off to see Shamu while I headed over to find the older kids and help them sort out what had happened. Sure enough the back pack was gone. Apparently, the boy had turned the lock before closing the door to the locker and that left the door ajar. Argh! Being the merciful mother I am, I took the four to lunch and then decided I couldn't just stand by and let my kids be robbed. I needed to do something about it, even if it meant I would just leave a complaint at guest services.

I marched in the 90 degree sun to the front entrance. Mercifully, guest services was air conditioned. I told my story to the clerk and asked if they could just check the lost and found. I really did not believe for a second his back pack would be there, but I had to ask. The clerk returned with the pack in hand. My jaw hit the floor and the entire room gasped. Someone had actually turned it in?! Not only did they turn in the missing bag, but all of it's contents as well, nearly $80 in cash! I was so incredibly amazed. I still can't believe it.

Here is where the miracle takes place. I had written off the back pack and it's contents. I was convinced someone at SeaWorld was an evil crook that had ruined our day. I mean, what else was I to believe about people in our broken world today? Instead, I was shown there are good and honest people all around us everyday. We walk among everyday saints and may not even recognize them.
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Natalie said...

Wow! Someone was watching out for your family that day. It's good to know there are still good people willing to help out complete strangers in this world.