Thursday, July 22, 2010

Small Successes: Do You Fly?

Small Successes for July 22, 2010

Do you fly with the FlyLady? We do to a certain extent and it has really helped over the years to spend each week focused on just one zone in our house. If you haven't checked out her home blessing website and you are floundering with the housework she is worth a gander.

1) If you fly with the FlyLady, we were in the master bedroom this week. This is my favorite week. Our bedroom is my sanctuary and there is nothing nicer than heading to pray or read or sleep in a clean and organized room. Our room rarely gets out of control so cleaning this zone is relatively quick and easy. I did vacuum, dust, and wash the bedding this week. Hooray for crisp clean sheets!

2) I finished filling out portfolio review forms for the year and sent our intent to continue homeschooling this coming year. Nothing like staying legal with the county :)

3) I've really been focusing on the plan for Karate Kid next year. She really has exhausted what math there is offered for homeschoolers and so we've decided we will dual enroll her at the local community college. I was looking at the dual enrollment offerings and there is much there for her to be excited about. I've selected a math course for her, but now she gets to choose between Italian, Journalism, World Literature, and Creative Writing. I wonder which course will most intrigue her. She and I also came to a decision on science for the coming year. I plopped down $240 for her Anatomy and Physiology course through Kolbe Academy. We've really loved the high school science courses she has taken from Kolbe. This one should be a very interesting one.

Bonus: My tart adventures continue. Last night it was a lemon curd tart. YUM! I also came across the easiest tart crust recipe you could imagine. Absolutely no refrigeration or rolling required! It was absolutely buttery and delicious. If you're a tartophile, you have got to try this recipe for the crust!

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ViolinMama said...

YUM!!! I bookmarked it!!

And great always inspire. Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

Congratulations on your small successes this week!

I've just started with the FLYLady (tonight will be the first night I pick out my clothes the night before in the baby steps), and I love it already!

I told Hubby I want FLYLady gear for Christmas. He thinks I'm crazy, but I know he appreciates all the little things that are already changing.

Katie said...

I like the new look of your blog!

I do not "fly" . . . it just does not work well for us.

The lemon tart sounds yummy!

Farmer's City Wife said...

I love the way the water in your banner photo lines up with the dandelion -- it's pretty awesome :).

What a great week!

Mary said...

Yea Lemon Tart! Sounds wonderful!

Flying right along with you. Happy cleaning!

Josh Healy said...

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Teresa said...

It's probably too late for this, but instead of buying a "homeschool math" textbook, an option is to simply buy a textbook from Amazon. It's probably much cheaper than going to community college.

Maurisa said...

Teresa, thanks for the idea, but that would only work if she had her dad around most every night to go over her work. He really travels too much for us to count on him to help that much with math and she is way beyond where I could ever hope to be a help.

Our thinking was two fold. She will take a few classes at the community college and get a feel for a classroom setting, seeing as she has NEVER been in a conventional classroom. Secondly, she will be able gain college credit that most colleges will accept in transfer. In the long run, this is really the best and only choice for us.

Teresa said...

Oh, okay then. Whatever works. :) As a heads-up, I'm not sure that colleges outside of MD will accept transfer credit from a community college.

Maurisa said...


From the community college's website on transfer of credits: 

5. Can I transfer to schools other than those in the University System of Maryland?

Yes. AACC is a regionally accredited institution and most courses in academic subjects are transferable. Since many vocational and personal enrichment courses typically do not transfer it is best to consult with an academic advisor.

We are not flying blind here :)
It will take careful planning and confering with an advisor, but it is possible to take courses that will transfer to most colleges and universities.

Teresa said...

I am sorry, I was not trying to imply that you were flying blind. I have friends who did do research but still were surprised to learn that their community college courses did not transfer. I believe Notre Dame does not accept transfer credit from community colleges and I know for a fact that Princeton does not accept any transfer credit at all.

To be perfectly clear, I'm not saying that taking courses at community college is a bad idea. On the contrary, I think it can be a great resource.

Maurisa said...

After all these years you still take me too seriously. I was teasing you a bit. It cracks me up to be getting such wonderful advice from an 18 year old. Truly I do appreciate your care and concern for your dear friend. We will be working closely with an academic advisor and will do our best matching courses. In the end, even if all her credits do not transfer, she will still receive high school credit and with that I will be well satisfied.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the kind words, and again sorry for the confusion. I'm not good at reading emotion through text, apparently!