Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Was it the Disciples?

On our recent vacation we ended up in Savannah on Sunday and recalled the Cathedral there celebrates a lovely Mass. Our memory served us well, and while it wasn't our home parish, we were not scandalized. Trust me, that can be a real issue while a traveling Catholic!

Later in the day I asked Lil' Wingnut what he thought of the beautiful Cathedral in Savannah. He said he really liked it and then he said, "They got rid of the mad Jesus."

Apparently he confused the Cathedral of John the Baptist in Savannah with the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in DC. If you've never visited the National Shrine in DC, it has an enormous mosaic of Christ in Majesty. We have heard the mosaic has earned the nickname "the angry Christ" from grad students of the John Paul II Institute (they mean it with all affection, of course). His expression does appear to be fairly stern, but the artist had a purpose. I found a wonderful blog article from the Archdiocese of Washington explaining the symbology behind the mosaic.

Lil' Wingnut continued his observation, "Why is Jesus so mad? Did the disciples do something?"

How we howled with laughter. For a four year old, he is so observant and a fairly apt student in human nature.

As we were in the center of beautiful Savannah, I had to get a photo of Lil' Wingnut on one of the benches made famous in the movie Forest Gump. My favorite shot is in the top of my sidebar. A lovely older couple offered to take a photo of my little guy and I together on the bench. They were so sweet to offer and the photo isn't too shabby. Savannah really is such a lush and lovely city, filled with warmth and friendliness.

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Teresa said...

The CUA kids call him "Angry Jesus" or "Smackdown Jesus". The latter is a joke in reference to "Touchdown Jesus" of Notre Dame.

Personally, I've always found that after praying for a time, he switches from looking angry to loving.

Walter Wart said...

Hey Mau,

I prefer Action Figure Jesus...especially the one who is on skis!!!

Love Ya Mau


Michelle said...

Ya know, I knew you were passing through the area, but I didn't know you were stopping. I could have made you a meal. I'm not Paula Deen, but I do know how to cook.