Monday, July 12, 2010

We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming. . .

. . . to wish my dear brother, Walter a most happy and blessed birthday. Today he turns 41 years old and I've enlisted the help of my progeny in brainstorming the 41 things we love most about him. Not everything we came up with made the list, but I think we did a pretty good job nailing down what makes my brother so awesome.

We love:

1) His beautiful bald head. This one was on everyone's list.

2) His super cool goatee. Once again on everyone's list.

3) His big, evil smile. This one made most everyone's list in some form or other.

4) His ability to come up with great nicknames (Special K, Karate Kid, Skoshi A, and Oleander all mentioned this one)

5) He's cool (Special K)

6) He's not selfish (Special K)

7) He likes chocolate (Special K)

8) He likes the Seahawks (Special K)

9) He knows what kids like (Skoshi A)

10) His sense of humor (Oleander)

11) How he pretends to have a really big ego (Oleander)

12) His involvement in his family (Statnut)

13) His old man smell (Statnut)

14) The way he walks? (Statnut)

15) How he can embarrass our mom with stories of their childhood. (Karate Kid)

16) His Faith in Christ. (Karate Kid and Oleander)

17) He may be 41, but he acts like he's 15. (Karate Kid)

18) How genuinely excited he is when he is told he is getting a new niece or nephew. (Karate Kid)

19) Whenever he's around, he brings out the coolness in our mom. (Karate Kid)

20) His beautiful bald head. (This one deserves to be mentioned again, as he makes my long flowing locks look that much better)

21) How the spit flies when he talks excitedly. Dude, you still need a bib!

22) The fact that he's gotten my hubby hooked on P90X. I'm officially a workout widow. Thanks bro! (That was sarcasm)

23) His lovely wife, who despite her quiet reserve, fits so nicely into our family.

24) The three awesome nieces and nephew he's given me.

25) He's completely content with the knowledge that I am MUCH smarter than he is--really, it's exponential!

26) He has always had a fondness for the viands I have put in front of his orifice. He unwittingly encouraged my culinary endeavors with his gastronomic support.

27) How he'll need to look up half the words in that last sentence.

28) He shares my interest in good food, and even better wine.

29) I know he's got my back--spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

30) He loves with his whole heart, unconditionally.

31) He has kept my blog in business. People come back just to read his comments.

32) My kids love that he has his own fan base on MY blog.

33) He doesn't sweat the small stuff.

34) He doesn't really sweat the big stuff either. I'm certain he does sweat. I've smelled it.

35) It is always a party when we get together.

36) He's always been content to let me be in charge.

37) The lovely scar he left on my leg with the fingernail clippers.

38) He's not just our brother, he's one of our very best friends.

39) His bald head. One more time. I love it because I can always claim he has more gray hair than I do and he can do nothing to prove other wise.

40) He makes dork look cool.

41) He is a wonderful father, a doting husband, a fun uncle, an attentive son, and the best brother anyone could ask for.

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Walter Wart said...

Hey Meme,

What a great interruption...Thanks to you, Shorty, StatNut, Little O, Angelina the Ballerina, Kitty Kat Meow Meow and Lil Wingster for my 41 most recognized traits. My bald head is are jealous because you have to cover your sorry head with your beautiful flowing auburn hair. I am fully content to let you cook for me and let you take charge because you do both so well (especially cook...ooooohhhh I love whatever your making for whatever meal it might be!!!) It is a party when we get together and I do bring out the cool in you...always have! I do have a great embarassing story about you asking a young man out to a dance back when we were teenagers...but I will leave that there. To all of my adoring fans on this blog...thank you for your support! Knowing that I have a following makes jacking my sister's blog that much more rewarding...maybe I might start my own...maybe not. As for the smarts side of things I did receive the recessive genes from our parents...but there can be happines found in ignorance (plausable deniability...someone says to could you do something so stupid? I reply...and who are you talking to???) When it comes to number 26...I do need a dictionary but I'm too lazy to look...I assume it has something to do with food. As for having a new neice or nephew...nothing will bring tears of joy to my eyes more quickly...watching and interacting with Isaac and Taylor over the 4th brought tears (I'm a big softy under this buff bald exterior). Finally...I love ya Mau...thanks for such a wonderful present in this blog post!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!!!!Hope you have a awesome day bro!!! Very cute Sis!

maxbrucewell said...

Loved the all 41 one of them, you all are so creative!

Love Dad