Tuesday, July 20, 2010

His Hotel Obsession

While on our vacation, we stayed in several different hotels. Being a family of 8 we needed to pay for two rooms and each room had two rock hard double beds. Sleeping arrangements were a bit interesting. We put our older three in a room together, and then Wingnut, the two younger girls, Lil' Wingnut and I squeezed into the second room.

At home Wingnut and I have a nice large homey kingsized bed. Poor Lil' Wingnut was relegated to sleeping the entire night with his sisters, whereas at home he begins the night with his siblings and then when Wingnut and I are ready to go to sleep we transfer him to our bed--I know, we're crazy, but it works for us. Every morning Lil' Wingnut would sadly ask why he was still in his sisters' bed and not with us. On the final night we changed things up and Lil' Wingnut got to sleep with his Mama while his dad ended up sleeping on the floor. Wingnut has a soft spot for his little guy. This arrangement suited the lil' guy perfectly. What a mama's boy.

Lil' Wingnut was the only one who enjoyed staying in hotels. He was completely enthralled with the idea and talked non-stop about it. Once we were home, he continually asked when we'd be going to a hotel for the night. It really began to drive us nuts. Having had enough of his obsessing, I asked him why he liked hotels so much. He gave several reasons that really needed some translation.

Lil' Wingnut's #1 reason: Hotels give you breakfast.
Translation: He got to eat fruit loops every morning.

Lil' Wingnut's #2 reason: Hotels have tv's.
Translation: He got to watch A LOT of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Lil' Wingnut and small spaces do not work well together. The tv went on as soon as he began jumping from one bed to another.

Lil' Wingnut's #3 reason: Hotels have two beds.
Translation: Hotels have two very small beds which in the end meant he got Mama all to himself and Daddy had to sleep on the floor.

When looked at through the eyes of a four year old mama's boy, hotels do look pretty fantastic.

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Tonya said...

Oh, he's quite the character! How is he going to like sharing mommy with a baby? :-) I love that he kicked Daddy onto the floor. :-)