Thursday, July 15, 2010

Small Successes: Figgy Tart!

Whew, it was a rough week. I wasn't getting anything done as I was sidelined by nausea and exhaustion, until Wednesday rolled around. Wednesday I full of energy and purpose and because of that, I actually have successes to post today. Hooray!

Small Successes for July 15, 2010:

1) Slow and steady wins the race and gets the laundry done :) Laundry and dinner were the two tasks, that despite how crummy I was feeling, I managed to get done each day.

2) If you fly with the FlyLady, we are in the bathroom this week. The master bath is squeaky clean. I managed to tackle that task in total on Wednesday.

3) Oleander and I made quick refrigerator pickles from her bushels of Japanese cucumbers. They must be pretty good, as I discovered Lil' Wingnut sitting behind his train table eating pickles right alongside his popsicle last night. Ew! I also made my very first tart using fresh figs. I've always wanted to try baking something with fresh figs and when I found some at the local organic market I had to splurge and buy them. The tart was a fresh fig and honey lemon custard variety. It was delicious, but a little to weird for 5 of the 8 of us. I promised to make a more conventional variety the next time. Tarts are fairly simple and with summer's bounty of fruit, I'm sure we can find a recipe that everyone will enjoy.

What Small Successes are yours this week? Share your link at Faith and Family Live.
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Mary said...

I fly with the Flylady and the bathroom is still not done! Argh...Great job finding the energy to persevere! The tart looks delightful. Happy Summer!

Katie said...

The tart sounds yummy to me too, but I think my family would think it a little to "out there" as well (especially the oldest "boy" in the house).

Mary said...

Yum! Figs are great! We had a house a number of years ago that had fig trees and they were absolute delights! :) I meant to tell you also that I have been taking B6 daily and it has helped tremendously w/morning/day sickness too! (What took so long for me to know about B6?!?!? argh.)
Take care, hope you keep feeling good w/lots of energy!
God bless, Mary @ Cheerios

Faith On The High Wire said...

Figs are a favorite and that tart looks just yummy! Great job with the bathroom, too! Oh, how I despise that chore. That's not a small success -- that's major in my world.



Nicole said...

Congratulations on your successes! I'm actually starting with the FLYLady this week!

Mary said...

Great work!

I used to do Fly Lady, but she made me crazy with all her projects. Now I do the Mt. Vernon method by Messies Anonymous. A much better fit for the truly messy person.

ViolinMama said...

I do Flylady - but since the baby arrived, I've been AWOL. I need to do my master bath...hmmm....

YUM on the tart. You rock!!!


Walt said...

Hey Mau,

Sorry I forgot to comment yesterday...that Tiggy Fart looks amazing!!!!

Love Ya Mau