Monday, May 24, 2010

Thankfully, There are "Do-Overs" at Dress Rehearsals!

My three ballerinas had their big ballet recital this weekend. I was able to take video at the dress rehearsal and thus captured Special K's big "oops". You can see in the video the moment she realized she had forgotten a huge chunk of choreography. As she was the designated "leader" she took it upon herself to stop the performance. Her reaction is priceless!

My poor little ballerina did break down once she realized everyone was laughing at her, but 30 seconds later she was back on stage and gave a near perfect do-over. She's a performer, that one.

I thought it best that there not be a repeat "oops" at the actual recital so I asked for a copy of the choreography and had Special K practice at home, to help her gain more confidence. After going over it a dozen times, she was more than confident, and it really showed in the final product. Like her father said, while watching her perform, "She was really born to do this."

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Party of Nine said...

How SWEET!!! Great job, Special K!

Tonya said...

Liza thoroughly enjoyed watching and even clapped at the end! K is very graceful!

Our Family said...

We enjoyed the show! Great job K!