Monday, May 10, 2010

Honoring Mary

First communicants in our parish not only get to wear their fine attire for their First Holy Communion, but also on Mother's Day, much to the delight of the little girls and the chagrin of the little boys. It has been a long standing tradition to have a May procession on Mother's Day, out to the parish's historic grotto, in order to crown the statue devoted Our Lady of Rock Springs . It was a privilege for our family to have our son act as cross bearer for the procession, and Special K was given the singular honor of crowning the Marian statue. She was thrilled beyond words.
Waiting to crown Mary

Father Royals needed to lift Special K into the grotto so that she would be able to reach the statue.

Father Royals lifts Special K out of the grotto and places her gently on the ground.

Stat Boy served as cross bearer for the procession.

Grinning from ear to ear, what little girl wouldn't after getting to dress up in such finery two Sundays in a row?

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Dawn said...

Absolutely lovely! I miss SH. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Mary said...

How beautiful!
Happy Mother's Day to you too!!!
GOd bless,
Mary @ Cheerios

WingletDriver said...

And once agin, nobody fel in the pool

Sarah Oldham said...