Friday, May 14, 2010

Of French Cuisine and Iron Man

Last Saturday, Wingnut gave me an early Mother's Day gift, dinner at a fine French restaurant in Annapolis, Les Folies Brasserie, and a movie. Before I offer my take on Iron Man 2, I have to dish about the lovely meal we had beforehand.

This was my first foray into French cuisine, and I am now a huge fan (butter)! We started our meal with a lovely Saumon Fume a l’Huile d’olive et Citron, or Salmon with Tapenade. It was very good, but really could have been found in any decent restaurant. For entrees, Wingnut chose Le Steak Frites et Mesclin Salad, or Butterflied steak with butter, shalots and french fries and a mescaline salad and I chose Escalope de Veau a la Creme, or Veal steak with a cream mushroom sauce (are you salivating yet?). Oh. My. Goodness. This was heavenly food. Wingnut's steak was perfect (butter), but the French fries really stole the show (I know! French fries!). They were the best I've ever had, incredibly hot, crisp and not greasy in the least. The veal was amazing, incredibly tender and the sauce was so flavorful (butter). Of course, what is a gourmet meal without dessert? We topped our feast off with a Grand Marnier Souffle. Divine, absolutely, divine!

Wingnut, being the world traveler that he is, has eaten nearly every variety and quality of cuisine. He ranked this restaurant in his top five, although he still believes his favorite is a little cafe in Wilmington, DE called Cafe Gelato. For me, this was the tops, unless I'm in the mood for Spanish cuisine, then I go for Jalapenos in Annapolis.

Wingnut and I thoroughly enjoyed the original Iron Man. We were a little skeptical about seeing the sequel. Sequels rarely satisfy, no? (Forgive me if I don't summarize the story, I'm sure you can read better summaries elsewhere on the web.) Being a sequel, we set the bar low for Iron Man 2, and to be honest, we really were not disappointed. It was a very entertaining and enjoyable flick. Robert Downey, Jr. has undeniable wonderful comedic timing, along with a dry delivery, and while the plot could have been streamlined a bit, the script was fairly good. I'm sure the complicated storyline meant to leave room for further sequels and if the dollars raked in by the first weekend are any indication, there will be more to come from Iron Man. As with the original, there is moderate adult content in the movie, and I would recommend viewing for much older teens and adults only.

Hmmm, my food review is much more detailed than my movie review. I guess that indicates what really floats my boat ;-)

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Young Mom said...

I've been trying to convince my husband to watch Iron Man 1. He destests all "Superhero" movies, I think he stopped watching them forever after Spiderman 2. I think We both like dry humor though, maybe I can suck him in with that. :)

Walter said...

Hey Mau,

The only way to make that butter dinner better is if you were to add bacon to your food. Butter is better but bacon is best!!! I have never had Frech Cuisine and now you have whetted my appetite to want to give it a gander. I have made my steaks with butter on them and...holy cow (pun totally intended) it was good. When it comes to Iron Man 2...I would have to say it was good but not great. Like you said it was not as entertaining as the first movie but it did lend itself to futher sequels. The one part I found obnoxious was the lack of real introduction to new characters. I thought they added value to the movie but since I am unfamiliar with the comics they left me scratching my head for part of the movie trying to figure out their role. I also was disappointed with the final fight scene. Seemed too short and lacking for me...but you know me...I like a lot of action to my movies. Unless I am seeing a sentimental love story with my wife...that's when all I need is a gun!

Love ya Mau,


momto5minnies said...

I'm pretty sure I would love French food (butter) ;)

My husband REALLY wants to see IRON MAN2. Maybe if he steals me away to a nice restaurant I will take him to that movie. I never saw the first one (he did).

Party of Nine said...

We are not into French food here, but may want to give it a try now! I think I would have picked Wingnut's meal and def. would have picked the dessert. Jalapenos sounds good, I've never been there. Have you been to El Toro Bravo yet?

I told Ryan about your date night, and the next day he asked if you put a review of the movie on your blog yet. LOL!