Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Backstage and On Stage

I worked backstage for one of the performances this weekend. It's a flurry of excitement and activity with very excited little girls who tend to grow louder with every passing moment, and frantic older girls having multiple costume changes. As I was helping with crowd control and costume changes, I managed to snap a couple photos of the two younger girls before they headed out on stage. I had to wait until the end of the performance to get a photo of Oleander, as she is one of the older girls and didn't have time to pose for her mother as she rushed to get on stage.

Special K in her tamborine dance costume.

Skoshi A is just a clown. A silly, silly clown.

Special K with her BFF, Mystical Rose.

All three girls at the end of the night.
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Mary said...

Such sweet girls!!! Great job!

maxbrucewell said...

Bravo, great pictures, great effort, both you and Chris have to be very proud!

Love the Grand Max Paw

Our Family said...

Thanks for taking me, I had a great time!!!
Mystical Rose