Friday, May 21, 2010

If You Build It, They Will Come

When we were kids, our parents had a house built on a couple acres of land. Our home was situated several hundred yards back from the main road on our wooded property. Our dad, being the cool guy he was, built a baseball diamond, complete with backstop in front of the house. As an adult, I recall it must have been quite an eyesore from the street, and really not very aesthetically pleasing landscaping. Still, I don't think our mom ever complained about out baseball diamond. It provided many summers of entertainment for us and the neighborhood kids (the few there were). Boy, our dad was cool.

Our family lives in the sprawling suburbs. Our home owners association would likely have a fit if we even attempted to put a baseball diamond in our front yard. Yet, the kids want to play baseball. They play behind our house, with their batters box facing the house. Yes they are hitting fly balls at the house with its three 6ft sliding glass doors. Anyone else think this is a REALLY, REALLY bad idea?

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Party of Nine said...

What a great childhood memory! My kids play ball in the backyard, too! (yeah!) but they play wiffle ball :)

Walter said...

Hey Mau,

Ahhhh the wonderful baseball diamond where many field of dreams dreams came true. I killed a lot of weeds on that diamond and no it wasn't asthetically pleasing to look at that rusted looking chainlink fencing used for the backstop from the road or any other viewing angle. I don't remember you spending a whole lot of time out on that diamond and when you did there wasn't much baseball being played. I remember you having a disability...knowing how to throw a ball (especially where it would come anywhere close to home plate...home plate is where the batter stands in the batter's box facing the pitcher and awaits for said pitcher to throw the ball so he or she can hit the pitched ball). I find it amazing that my wonderful neices and nephews understand and can play baseball...not because they don't have skills but because they have your DNA residing in them. By the way...there is no problem with their diamond facing your sliding glass door...that makes for a perfect homerun target!

Love Ya Mau,


maxbrucewell said...


Thanks for the kind words and great memories! All three of you kids are and still are so special. Each of you are so individual yet similar, does my heart good. I'm especially fond of all of your Christian values! I love to hear that my oldest daughter is running and liking it! You are right your mother never did complain about the diamond, she had a very positive influence on your younger years.
Enough said!

Love Dad