Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small Successes: School's Out for Summer!

Small Successes for May 27, 2010:

1) Two of the five are completely finished for the school year, today. The other three have just a couple of odds n' ends to tie up in the next few days. Another school year down, and I've already planned the greater part of next school year.

2) We are in the bedroom this week, if you fly with the Flylady. I've had a pile of outgrown clothing growing in one corner of my room. I went through the entire pile and sorted out clothes for charity, clothes to pass on to a friend, and clothes to pass down to the next sibling. Now I just need to get the six bags of sorted clothing out the door of my house.

3) My calf injury was feeling quite a bit better this week, so I ventured out for a short run on Saturday. 1 1/2 miles in, my calf began to feel sore, so I slowed to a brisk walk and finished the four miles at that pace. Evidently, I need to rest my strain a little longer, but I feel pretty good when I walk, so I did just that most every day this week.

Have any small successes to share with the blogging world? Come share your link at Faith and Family Live.
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Farmer's City Wife said...

Woo hoo!! Congrats on the 2 down 3 to go :). When I was being homeschooled I routinely worked throughout the summer (especially during high school), but am DETERMINED not to repeat that cycle with the next generation.

Already planned the greater part of next year? Wow. Just, wow.

Katherine said...

Wow! And you already have planned most of next year? That is impressive.

Congratulations on an awesome week!

momto5minnies said...

Do you think you need to stretch that calf more? Hope it starts to feel better soon.

My high school girl finished school TODAY and my 12 year old homeschooler is now on the part time basis of homeschooling for the summer. I will likely just keep up with math, history, and a little writing ... 2 part time days a week. The little girls end in another week and my baby is done tomorrow.

I'm ready for summer! Hope you have a GREAT ONE!

majellamom said...

Yeah on being (almost) done with school for the year, and double yeah for having most of next year planned. My only school aged child is done with her Kindergarten work, and I've started planning a little, but I can even imagine planning for 5! Maybe someday I will be so blessed!