Thursday, May 6, 2010

Small Successes: It All Adds Up

Small Successes for May 6, 2010.

This week is all about what I didn't do--LOL!

1) We had such a crazy busy weekend, we didn't do school on Monday so we could relax and recuperate.

2) Monday we had at least 8 loads of laundry to do. 6 loads in, our washer began banging and chugging horribly. The front outer tub had separated from the inner tub. No laundry can be done until it is repaired. The repair guy is coming today to "look" at the washer. There is no guarantee we will have a fixed washer by the end of the day, especially if he needs to order parts. The good news is our washer is still under warranty. So, although I was not able to stay on top of the laundry this week, I did not panic. No really, I haven't panicked. Seriously, I'm not panicking.

3) I made more food than we needed for Special K's First Holy Communion festivities. We had lots of left overs. I have not needed to cook this week :-)

What did or didn't you do this week that you might count as a Small Success? Go share your link at Faith and Family Live.
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Party of Nine said...

Great job relaxing! And not panicking :) Good luck with the washer. I'll tell you our washer story another day. BTW, I love the new pictures on the sidebar. The one of you and Special K is beautiful, such joy! And Lil' Wingnut...well...LOL!!!

Young Mom said...

Leftoevers are awesome! And good job not panicking about the wash machine, I guess you can always take over the local coin laundry. :)

Walter said...

Hey Mau,

This is what I didn't do this week...clean my car, wash my armpits, bake a cake, be nice to my kids, cure cancer, clean the wax out of my ears, call my older sister and tell her she is awesome, think about calling my older sister and telling her she is awesome, break my washer, do laundry (can't break it if you don't use it) pay attention to anything but sports, change the oil in my vehicles (I wouldn't know where to start), be handy around the house (that is a constant reality), eat any of your leftovers, panick (can't panick if you aren't doing anything or thinking anything), put any thought into anything (even this blog post), work on cleaning up my st@#%d language, be polite, create my own blog instead of hijacking yours (shout out to all my peeps)...those are pretty much my small non-successes for the week. I hope I made you proud!

Love Ya Mau


Maurisa said...

Ha ha ha ha! I love my brother!