Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small Successes: You Did It!

This week was all about staying afloat. We had a jam packed week with our JA Biztown visit, our upcoming homeschool portfolio review, and a piano competition this weekend. Here are my Small Successes for March 11, 2010:

1) After months of planning, and weeks of teaching, our group of homeschool kids finally had their day at JA Biztown. I had so much fun playing the proud teacher of 24 very smart and savvy kids. I think I might even sign up to lead this program again.

2) We have our annual portfolio review today. Due to the overwhelming number of homeschoolers in our area, our family has been handed off to a new reviewer. I was completely bummed out over this change. I'd developed a wonderful relationship over the last 8 years with our previous reviewer. Ugh! Anyhoo, the kids portfolios are organized, books line the dining room wall, and I've written up and printed complete bibliographies for each of the kids. I'm ready, but a bit nervous. I sure hope this reviewer is as homeschool friendly and supportive as Mrs. Hadnott was.

3) This week the laundry monster tried to get the best of me. All the laundry is washed and dried, but I still have one huge basket to fold. It won't be happening today, and likely not tomorrow either, I think I may need to hire some laundry fairies to help me out, just this once.

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ViolinMama said...

Fantastic list!

Thanks for the glimpse into your homeschooling. Our states obviously do not have the same structure - having a homeschooling reviewer and portfolio check, and apparent "classroom inspection" wow!! Sounds stressful (but having taught 6 years in a classroom, I understand the need for "standards" but still, I like the idea of homeschooling for freedoms and flexibility). Are you ok with all these checks? Good luck with the process!!

Dawn said...

Great list! Hey, gotta question for ya. Is there a curriculum for the JA Biztown and if so, where can I get it. I'd love to start that here in our group. Thanks!

Dawn said...

Sorry about that..just found the link in your previous post.

Tonya said...

Oh no! Cyn won't be reviewing you guys? She is amazing, I loved having her come over. I wouldn't be thrilled about having someone new either. I hope it goes well!!

This morning, I was working with Seth on reading. Yeah, he's been reluctant, but finally starting to want to read. I was thinking about your little one and the fact that he's reading. Josiah walks in and starts sounding out the words! WHAT? Looks like my boys might start reading at the same time. How odd is that!?!