Saturday, March 20, 2010

How We Spent our Saturday Afternoon

Our 13 year old is a budding activist. She really wanted to go to the Kill the Bill and Storm the Hill Rally in DC, so she and her siblings made posters and we went as a family to exercise our right to peaceful assembly.

Here are our little protesters proudly bearing their posters. We had a second set of slogans printed on the back with other reasons Obamacare is evil, in case Stupak's group got their pro-life language back into the bill. They haven't, and from what I've read on CMR, Stupak is done trying to reason with Pelosi.

Our little activists were a popular attraction at the rally. Folks wanted to have their pictures taken with them and their posters, but our kids were no match for this cute little couple and their poster that read, "Our family of 8 survived the Great Depression Without a Gov't health plan."

One news outlet reported the rally drew just over 2000 people. This is the post rally, rally on the steps of the Rayburn House Office Building. This post rally, rally had at least 2000 people at it, there were thousands more at the main rally on the steps of the Capitol. I think the media uses fuzzy math.

Wingnut and I thought the assault rifle was bit much for controlling jaywalkers. This really was a very peaceful and mostly civil demonstration.

Lil' Wingnut is too young to remember his first March for Life, but you can see on his face he was not enjoying this rally much.

Tomorrow is the big vote. Pray, pray, pray. Offer your Mass tomorrow for a holy outcome. God's Will Be Done!

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momto5minnies said...

I am praying ...

Tonya said...

I am so thrilled you guys got to go and do that! GOOD FOR YOU!