Sibling Rivalry

Brothers Matthew and Patrick Archbold of CMR, have a lovely little family feud going on their blog regarding Patrick's cheesy profile picture for the National Catholic Register. You can read Matthew's hilarious post here.

In the meantime, I've been blog-jacked by my own brother. I can't believe it. He actually has a fan base, right here, in my personal space. Can I never get away from him? Seriously, I only got 13 months of one on one attention from our parents before he arrived on the scene, kicking and screaming, and biting. Poor me. Why does my brother torment me so?

Here are just a few comments left on MY posts on MY blog:

And what's up with Walt being serious at all? I was a little concerned. Glad he threw in the silly stuff at the end. Otherwise you might have thought he was sick or something. :-)

And a big shout our to Walt (the whole family are all big fans!).....I would encourage him to start writing his own blog but I follow too many blogs ;-)

Where's your brother's opinion now?

Seriously, who does he think he is? For goodness sake, Walt, get your own blog, already. Don't make me post embarrassing photos of you here. You know I'll do it. You've been warned.


Seahawkfan said…
The Walter Wart Freaky Frog Blog... oh no.

This was KO Freaks suggestion not mine!!
Walter Wart the Freaky Frog said…
Hey Mau,

Are you kidding me??? Why get my own blog when yours fulfills me just fine? Why get my own parents when yours will give me all the attention I would need? Yes I bit you...only to make sure I set proper boundaries on your and mine relationship (everything is mine...if you mess with it you will feel the strength of my overbite on your rump!) You wonder about Lil' Wingy's terrorist traits...straight from Uncle W! Kitty Kat's Switzerland's response??? straight from mama! The key is that I am NOT trying to jack your blog. It is flattering that I have a fan base and I am always mulling over what to say to make sure I bring them the quality posts they deserve. But just like with our were here first and I need you! You feed me great information about my neices and nephews, my brother-in-law and the goings on in that red headed brain of yours which provides me inspiration for my posts...just like you would pour my cheerios for me when I was a lad because I could never seem to hit the bowl. You would run interference for me with our parents because I could never seem to keep my mouth shut. Nothing has changed my fine older sister since the time I came into this world over 40 years ago...for you and me it's all about co-existence! What you fail to understand is that a great blog with great readers needs great posted comments from a demented younger brother. So...You can threaten me with public I don't provide that for myself on a regular basis; you can post the most hideous pics you can find (nothing can be more hideous than what I look at in the mirror every morning) need to understand one thing...just like 40 years ago last July...I AM HERE TO STAY!

Love Ya Mau!

Our Family said…
don't worry even tho we all love to read your brothers comments we come to this site to read your posts.

Just think of it as a Mau cake with Walt frosting!!!
Our Family said…
Yes my hubby is cheesy!!!

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