I Feel Like I Was Hit by a UPS Truck

For the last 6 weeks I've been preparing a group of 24 homeschooled students for a day at JA Biztown. Biztown is a simulation program for elementary and middle school children where they have the opportunity to run a city for a day. They learn about running a business, including taking out a business loan, making payments, paying taxes, pricing merchandise, working as a team, etc. They also learn about personal finances; making deposits, writing checks for payment, keeping an accurate register, and opportunity cost. Saving money, investing in stock, buying health insurance, exercising the right to vote, and making a profit are all part of the experience as well.

Our group ran the bank, a financial planning firm, the Best Buy, and City Hall at the Junior Achievement facility yesterday. Combined with two other homeschool groups we had 84 kids running 11 businesses for about 6 hours. It was fast, furious, confusing, loud, and a whole lot of fun, but today I feel like I have been hit by a UPS truck.

Skoshi A was an absolute crack-up, from the job she interviewed and was hired for (IRS agent), to how faithfully and diligently she did her work. She even took me along to visit a couple of businesses that were refusing to pay their taxes and had me "lean" on them for her. I can't believe my little girl was the "Tax Man".


What an awesome opportunity for those kids! That's such a neat program!
Party of Eleven said…
Love that picture of A!!! Just wanted to say thanks again :) My kids are still talking about it today. R is demanding his money back from J because the fish pen he bought from her business broke today. Thanks for making time for taking pictures yesterday, too! Love the ones you sent.
Tonya said…
You survived!!!!!!!!! :-)
Maia said…
This sounds like such a cool experience...pretty sure they didn't have something like this when I was being homeschooled!
I wanted to introduce myself. Found you by way of Rosetta Stone; Michelle mentioned you as a CMM (Catholic Military Mom) blogger. May we (http://flowersroundthecross.blogspot.com/) add you to our blog roll? We are trying to network!
Much thanks, Maia

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