Friday, March 26, 2010

Side Effects of Fasting

As one of my Lenten fasts, I gave up spending time on Facebook. I really haven't missed it much, although occasionally, Lil' Wingnut would say or do something cute, funny, or shocking and I'd think, "Boy, I wish I could post that on Facebook." I've also missed reading what my brother, sister, and mother-in-law have been up to. I really do need to use the phone more often.

One side effect of fasting from Facebook I've noticed is my blogging has been more consistent, and I haven't been suffering from writers block. I've been considering the reason behind this surge in blogging and have come to this conclusion. Whereas I would post daily events as a status update on Facebook immediately after they had occurred, when it comes to posting daily events on my blog, I tend to ponder these things, mulling them over for hours or even days before turning these happenings into a post here. I'm truly beginning to wonder if this fast paced world we live in, where we can tweet or post in immediacy, gives us enough time and distance to really consider our daily struggles and blessings.

When we have finally passed through the desert of Lent, I will likely go back to using Facebook, but my hope is to consider more carefully what I post as status updates, and whether I might better express my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and conclusions in this space.

As Holy Week approaches, I will not be posting here as often. I may leave pictures or scripture passages here as reflections. May you have a most holy and blessed week as the celebration of our Lord's passion, death, and resurrection draw near.
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Tonya said...

Have I mentioned lately how much we miss your family? I am so glad you have a blog and post about your life on it. I feel like we've been able to stay close despite the distance (and despite the fact that neither of us make phone calls well!). Thanks for your transparency on here. I was wondering what you thought of your time off FB. Good to know! :-)

Oh, and since you don't check FB, you don't know that my 15th anniversary was yesterday, I have a sinus infection this week, a date planned for tonight with my honey and I feel like CRAP! Pray I can feel well enough to enjoy the fact that my sister is taking all the kids overnight! Well, it's supposed to snow 4 inches now, so we'll probably grab the nursing one before we head home. :-)

Anonymous said...

I miss you on facebook. ;0)


Anonymous said...

I miss you on facebook! ;0)

love, Sispho