Lil' Wingnut, Boy Genius

I kid you not, our three year old taught himself how to read. As proof, I'm posting video of the Lil' Wingnut reading a book he has never seen before. I'm not proud or anything, really :-) If you have 7 minutes to spare, take a look. He's pretty funny, to boot.


Mary @ Cheerios said…
Holy Cow! That is crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy! You sure have a lil smarty on your hands! :) THat is great, thanks for posting-my kids enjoyed watching :) God bless, Mary
Sarah - Kala said…
Good lord. That's awesome! Rachel was like that, too.
Great. Thanks a lot. Now I think my kids are imbeciles. Well to be honest I was pretty sure of that already but now I know.
Michelle said…
awesome. I read when I was three and have been sadly disappointed by 5 out of 6 (and Mary has only a year to learn). instead I'm struggling to teach my 6 year old!!

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