Proper Sleepover Etiquette

For 13 year old girls, proper sleepover etiquette is not innate. It must be taught. When I turned 13 and was privileged enough to have a couple friends spend the night, we always behaved like proper young ladies. We did not giggle and squeal. Young ladies of my day spoke in muted tones and smiled politely. We would not think of excluding our sweet little brothers and sisters from our festivities. In fact, we joyfully invited them to join us in our celebration without being prompted. We never filled the house with the stench of nail polish. Our favorite activities were a quiet game or charades or sitting calmly and primly with our stitchery. We always went promptly to bed at 8 o'clock. My mother never had to storm out of bed and inform us it was 4 am and didn't we think it was about time we went to sleep.

What? You don't believe me? Just ask my dear, sweet brother, Walt. I know he'll tell it like it was :-)


Tonya said…
Hmmm, I think you may have just told a huge lie. :-)
Walter said…
Hey Mau (or dare I say Mary Ingalls),

Wow...I don't where to start on that body of lies you just posted. First of all...Stitchery??? Who says that? The last time that term was used Uncle Abe was President and Air Force One was a donkey cart. The only "stitchery" that was going on was a part of a horrible practical joke you played on me by inserting DOZENS of straight pins (pointy side up) in my sheets on my bed. Little O if you read this I can guaranty you that your party was far more "proper" than anything your mother participated in! Now back to the truth...Secondly Mau, since when was I ever sweet? Angela on the other hand was adorable and nice. You throwing the "Sweet" label on me only shows how far and deep you are willing to go to lie to your readers today. joyfully inviting me??? HA! There was no joy on your part, in fact, if you have forgotten, I successfully kissed two of your friends without their or your approval at a couple of your sleepovers! I don't remember any joy emanating from you when that happened (in fact I remember bannishment to my room for long periods of time). Fourth, the stench of nail polish was not the worse smell that you and your "proper etiuette" friends left lingering on Westshore road (no more needs to be said about that ). Fifth...Quiet game of charades??? That was dumb! Parcheesee would have been a better choice than charades. Sixth and finally...our mother stormed out of bed at 4:00 am because you all were sleeping outside on the deck and the Cyotes and deer came knocking on the front door asking that you all would be quiet! To all of the readers of this blog please don't let my older sister continue to live in her "Little House on the Prarie" fantasy. I say it is time for an intervention!!!!

Love ya Mau!

Tonya said…
WOW! I knew you weren't telling the truth, but I had no idea you were stretching it that far!!! Unless of course Walt is stretching the truth... :-)

And did you seriously stick straight pins in his bed?

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