Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to the World of Manly Men

We had a beautiful day yesterday.  The sun was out the temperature was a balmy 53 degrees and I shoved the kids out the door to get some much needed vitamin D.  Wingnut was home for the day and decided it would be a good day to get out the paint ball markers (yes, markers, not paint ball guns, I'm not sure why, but don't call them guns).  After hunting down our two oldest in the woods adjoining our house, Wingnut thought it was high time Baby Wingnut joined the world of paint ball goodness.  Baby Wingnut could not wait to get his little mitts on one of those markers. He sat astraddle his dad and popped off a few hundred rounds into the woods.  He took it very seriously, so seriously that Wingnut wasn't sure if his little guy really enjoyed himself.  That concern was put to rest when Baby Wingnut came marching up to me all manly like and declared, "That was fun!"

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Tonya said...

OH MY! What happened to that cute, sweet, little baby boy? What are you doing to him? :-)

Betty Beguiles said...

That's awesome! That last picture is priceless! LOL!

Dawn said...

Great Pictures Mau. That bottom pic is priceless. It was really great to hang out with you and meet Wingnut. My husband really enjoyed meeting you both as well. We have to swap those recipes!